Merchant of Truth - Flying

The Enigmatic Angel Detective MTG


In the ever-evolving multiverse of Magic: The Gathering, two intriguing cards stand out: Merchant of Truth and Wojek Investigator. These cards belong to a unique and captivating creature class known as Angel Detective. Combining the divine elegance of angels with the keen intellect of detectives, these characters add a fascinating layer to the game’s rich lore.

The Angel Detective Creature Class

Angels in Magic: The Gathering are humanoid beings with large, often feathered wings. They are usually manifestations of white mana, though some have been touched by black mana and other colors across different planes. Angels on Dominaria and Bant on Alara are formed from the souls of ascended mortals. While most angels are female, male angels exist on planes like Amonkhet and Kaldheim.

Detectives, introduced in the crossover Doctor Who set and featured in Murders at Karlov Manor, are investigators solving crimes or mysteries. This class includes private detectives, police detectives, and investigative journalists. Despite their divine origins, Angel Detectives share the same gritty determination as their mortal counterparts.

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Merchant of Truth

Merchant of Truth - Flying
Merchant of Truth

Merchant of Truth is an Angel Detective who soars through the skies, unraveling the most complex mysteries. With her ability to reveal hidden secrets, she becomes invaluable in any deck focused on control and strategy.

Abilities and Combos

  • Ability: Whenever Merchant of Truth enters the battlefield, you may draw a card for each opponent who has more cards in hand than you.
  • Combo Potential: Pairing with cards like Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora can enhance her card-drawing abilities, ensuring a steady flow of resources. Combining her with Teferi’s Ageless Insight can double the card draw, making your hand overflow with possibilities.

Wojek Investigator

Wojek Investigator - Flying
Wojek Investigator

Wojek Investigator is an Angel Detective with a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of justice. She excels in uncovering hidden information and disrupting opponents’ plans.

Abilities and Combos

  • Ability: When Wojek Investigator deals combat damage to a player, investigate. (Create a colorless Clue artifact token with “2, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”)
  • Combo Potential: Pairing with cards like Tamiyo’s Journal can turn Clue tokens into a powerful resource engine. Combining her with Thraben Inspector and Tireless Tracker can create an overwhelming number of Clue tokens, leading to a massive card advantage.

Lore and Background

In the city-plane of Ravnica, the detective profession has long been undervalued. However, as the guilds’ struggles grew, independent detective agencies gained prominence. The Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations (R.A.M.I.) stands as the largest and most well-known, but many smaller agencies thrive by focusing on civilian matters.

Among these agencies, the Angel Detectives of the Azorius Senate and the Boros Legion work tirelessly to maintain order and justice. Their unique abilities and divine origins make them invaluable assets in the ongoing battle against chaos and crime.


The Angel Detectives, Merchant of Truth, and Wojek Investigator bring a unique blend of divinity and detective work to Magic: The Gathering. Their abilities to draw cards and investigate mysteries make them powerful additions to any deck. By combining their strengths with other synergistic cards, players can create formidable strategies that dominate the battlefield. Embrace the celestial and the cerebral with these captivating Angel Detectives and uncover the truth hidden within the multiverse.







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