Magic: The Gathering Proxies: An In-Depth Look

Why Proxies are Used: Magic: The Gathering (MTG) proxies are unofficial replicas of official MTG cards. Players often use proxies to avoid the high costs associated with certain cards, allowing them to play with a full deck without the financial burden. Proxies also enable players to experiment with different strategies and decks before committing to buying the actual cards [2].

How Proxies Can Be Misused: While proxies offer numerous benefits, they can also be misused. Some players may attempt to pass off proxies as real cards in competitive settings or online marketplaces, which is both unethical and illegal. This misuse can lead to disputes and a negative experience for other players [3].

Pros and Cons of Proxies: Pros:

  • Cost-effective: Proxies allow players to enjoy the game without spending large sums on rare cards.
  • Deck Testing: Players can test different decks and strategies before investing in expensive cards.
  • Protecting Value: Using proxies in casual play can help protect the condition and value of valuable cards.


  • Legality: Proxies are not legal in official tournaments and can lead to disqualification if used.
  • Ethical Issues: Selling or trading proxies as genuine cards is unethical and can harm the community.
  • Quality Variations: The quality of proxies can vary greatly, with some looking very different from the original cards [2, 3].

Online Opinions: The online MTG community has mixed feelings about proxies. Some players appreciate the affordability and flexibility they offer, especially for casual play. Others, however, view proxies as a form of cheating or disrespect to the game’s integrity, particularly when used in competitive environments [2, 4].

Using Proxies to Protect Card Value: Proxies can be used to protect the value of expensive cards by keeping the originals safe during casual play. This approach allows players to enjoy their rare cards without worrying about damage or wear. It also maintains the cards’ condition for future sale or trade.

Where to Create or Purchase Proxies: High-quality proxies can be created using various online resources. Websites and forums often provide templates and guides for making your own proxies. For those looking to purchase, there are reputable sites and sellers that offer high-quality proxies, though it’s essential to ensure they are clearly marked as proxies to avoid any potential misuse [1].


MTG proxies offer a practical solution for players looking to enjoy the game without the financial strain of buying expensive cards. While they come with ethical and legal considerations, when used appropriately, proxies can enhance the MTG experience by making it more accessible and preserving the value of prized cards.

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