Farm // Market: A Versatile Split Card in Magic: The Gathering

Farm // Market -
Farm // Market

Background Story: Farm // Market is a split card from the Magic: The Gathering set “Hour of Devastation.” Split cards offer players the flexibility to use one of two different spells, depending on the situation. This versatility makes them a favorite among players who appreciate strategic depth and adaptability.

Sets: Farm // Market can be found in the “Hour of Devastation” set. This set continues the storyline on the plane of Amonkhet, where the planeswalker Nicol Bolas has taken control, causing chaos and destruction. The card’s flavor reflects the agrarian life (Farm) disrupted by the need to barter and survive in a tumultuous world (Market).

Online Opinions: Online, players appreciate the flexibility that split cards like Farm // Market provide. The ability to choose between two spells allows for more strategic play and can turn the tide in a game. However, some players feel that while the card is versatile, neither half is particularly powerful on its own. Farm’s ability to destroy an attacking or blocking creature is useful in a pinch, and Market’s card draw and discard ability can help smooth out a player’s hand in the late game.

Card Combos: Farm // Market works well in decks that capitalize on both removal and card advantage. For example, it pairs nicely with cards like Torrential Gearhulk, which can cast Market from the graveyard for additional value. Additionally, it fits well into control decks that need both efficient removal and ways to maintain card advantage.

Farm // Market -
Farm // Market
Torrential Gearhulk - Flash
Torrential Gearhulk

Deck Types: The card is often included in Azorius (White/Blue) control decks, where its flexibility is most beneficial. These decks thrive on maintaining control of the game through removal and card advantage, and Farm // Market provides both. It’s also a good fit for decks that utilize graveyard recursion, as the Market Half can be cast from the graveyard using cards like Torrential Gearhulk.


Farm // Market is a prime example of the strategic depth that split cards bring to Magic: The Gathering. While it may not be the most powerful card, its flexibility and utility make it a valuable addition to many decks. Whether you need immediate removal or a way to filter your hand, Farm // Market offers a solution.






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